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It’s more than concrete.

From humble beginnings, Ocon Group is transforming Melbourne’s construction industry for the better. Through years of battle-hardened experience, field expertise & leading-edge innovation - together, we’re solving the industry's Challenges one pour at a time.

Ocon Group, Professional Commercial Concreting Solutions


Whether it be high-rise or low-rise construction, our unique placement solutions have your project coming alive faster than you could ever imagine while keeping your budget under control.
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Where speed and efficiency reign supreme, our Packaged Solutions are your build’s best friend. From Commercial Raft Slabs to Warehouse Construction Solutions, and from Super flat floors through to the largest of Distribution Centres (plus a whole lot more!) - there’s nothing that will accelerate your project’s progress like this.
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Get the right advice the first time with our cost-effective remedial solutions. Take advantage of our comprehensive list of patching, leveling and grinding services alongside our industry-leading advice to get your project back on track as quickly as possible.
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Strength in Quality

At Ocon Group, forming strong relationships with our clients is the backbone of our success. By providing the highest standard of concrete services from concept to completion, we’re leaving our mark on the Melbourne Construction Industry one concrete pour at a time.

In the spirit of innovation and a family-driven hard working culture, we’re heavily investing with a long-term vision into our client relationships, our team, our safety practices and industry-leading technology to unlock new levels of productivity and to achieve successful building outcomes across a wide range of markets.

Forever in pursuit of efficiencies, our pioneering approach to concreting has led our team to successfully executing some of Melbourne’s most challenging and complex projects.

By spending the necessary time to understand you, your company and the intricacies on the ‘front end’ of your project, we’re restoring the faith in our clients' hearts by ensuring projects and installations are delivered seamlessly, effortlessly and in alignment with your project constraints.

From the moment of your project’s conception through to our extensive project planning process, and from the moment we begin work on site through to handover - by choosing Ocon Group for your next project, you’ll experience a level of professionalism and dedication our industry simply cannot match!


Setting new benchmarks with our commitment to quality and innovation.